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Training Bites

Training Bites


We know how hard it can be to keep your pooch on track and distraction free during their training days.


These bite-sized training biscuits are the perfect treats to keep your puppy pal focused and reward their hard work.


Key Features:

- 120g 

- Assorted flavour

-Home made

- Meat free

- No preservatives



- Watermelon and Oat Flour

- Apple, Pumpkin, Mint, Parsley, Oat Flour and Water

- Banana , Cinnamon, Oat Flour and Water


Baked and dehydrated for longer lasting treats.


Treats will last up to 3 weeks. Please store in air tight container in a cool dry place.


* Treats to be given undersupervision

* As our products are hand made, appearance of treats may vary slightly


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